Fuck what they say.
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I love to lift heavy things and put them down. Oh, I also love Hannah. She's perfect.
'Would losing me even be a loss?'
— All I wonder (via uncuntcious)
'My mom taught me something about relationships when I was growing up. She told me to never be the one to love the other person more. I always thought that was odd. That was until I saw how my mom loved my dad more and let him leave bruises on her skin. That was until I found my best friend drunk, bleeding on her bathroom floor, because the boy she loved more broke her heart and left. That’s why when I start to fall I catch myself. I don’t want to be the one to love more because I’ve seen what that does to people. Oh, but god do I love you more.'
— silly little me (via merokok)
Life’s motto

This will make you feel better
I’d hate to be killed to death